Home Sweet Home – Nina Neon


Home Sweet Home starring Nina Neon
Nina, looking totally hot in tight top and black leather pants, enters her home and walks into her worst nightmare. An intruder with a stocking over his head has broken into the house and is waiting for her. He lunges at her and, wearing gloves, he holds a chloroform soaked rag over her nose and mouth until she can struggle no more and her body goes limp in his arms. Once Nina is unconscious, the villain sits her on the couch and fondles her. He lifts up her top to squeeze her supple breasts. When Nina wakes up, he silences her by holding his gloved hand over her mouth. He keeps it there until she passes out again from lack of oxygen. When Nina wakes up, she has been tied up in her own living room! The bad guy gags her with duct tape and leaves her to fight with the ropes for a while. Nina struggles for a while then removes her shoes and hops over to a phone. But she hears the villain coming and gives up. He returns and threatens her again. Left alone for a while, Nina manages to untie herself. But the creep catches her before she has a chance to run. He pins her down on the couch and pinches her nose (she is still gagged so she cant breathe through her mouth) until her eyes roll and she passes out again. Scene #KOTI0057
27 minutes. MP4 640×480.

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