Hitting On The Waitress – Ava Sinclaire and Jolene Hexx


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Hitting on the Waitress starring Ava Sinclaire and Jolene Hexx

The girls look hot in this fun, sexy hit on the head scene! Ava and Jolene come home after working all day. They realize that both of them are interviewing the next day for a better job at the restaurant.  Ava wishes Jolene good luck and goes to bed. But Jolene has a devious plan. The next day, Jolene is waiting for Ava and smacks her on the head with a club. Ava falls unconscious into Jolene’s arms. Jolene can’t control her lust for Ava and starts groping her sexy friend. She pulls Ava’s top up, exposing her luscious large tits. She removes Ava’s shoes and socks and plays with her feet. Then she pulls her shorts off, leaving Ava in just her sheer, shiny pantyhose.  When Ava awakens, she groggily asks what’s going on. Jolene responds by hitting her again. After a bit more fondling, Jolene leaves for her interview.  Ava awakens and is ready for revenge. Later, Jolene returns. Ava sneaks up on her and hits her with the club. Jolene falls unconscious onto a chair. Ava decides to play with her friend and starts groping her. She exposes her hot tits and gropes them. She also pulls off Jolene’s shoes and socks and plays with her feet. When Jolene wakes up, Ava smacks her again, knocking her out cold. A few minutes of excellent outtakes conclude the clip. We shot all the hit on head scenes from many different angles. So the outtakes include lots of great alternate shots.  27 minutes. Scene #KOB0770

HD MP4 1920×1080 (1GB)

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