Hitting on Her Friend – Celeste Star and Samantha Ryan


Hitting on Her Friend starring Celeste Star and Samantha Ryan
The girls look cute as hell in this fun scene. Celeste has invited co-worker Sam over for a drink. But, when she comes on to her, Samantha resists, making for an awkward situation. Samantha considers leaving but Celeste sneaks up and slams her on the head with a club. Samantha’s eyes roll, she gets a silly grin on her face and she falls to the couch. Celeste can not keep her hands off her hot friend and she gropes, manipulates and plays with Samantha’s luscious limp body. Pulling her dress down, she sticks her tits in Sam’s face. When Samantha wakes up, Celeste smacks her again. Samantha does not pass out but stays in a semi-conscious state while Celeste continues to toy with her. Celeste leaves for a moment. When she returns, Samantha has awakened and clobbers Celeste, knocking her unconscious. The outtakes, which are included with the complete scene show alternate takes of the knock outs. Scene #KOB0481
18 minutes. MP4 HD 1280×640

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