Hitman’s Hostage – Cory Lane


Hitman’s Hostage starring Cory Lane
Cory wakes up on a strangers bed and finds herself bound, cloth gagged and totally at the mercy of her captor! Alone at first, she struggles in vain to break free or scream. Then, her kidnapper arrives. On the phone, he tells his friend how Cory’s boss Charlie, a used car salesman, hired him to dispose of her after she stumbled upon some of his shady deals! The criminal removes Cory’s gag and allows her to speak. She desperately tries to talk him out of disposing of her, but he is a pro and will not change his ways for a pretty girl. He does however give her a sensuous foot massage as her feet are losing circulation from the ropes tied around her ankles. He winds up admitting he is having second thoughts about going through with it. He gags her and leaves her alone again. Cory tries to escape and nearly succeeds. She hops out of the bedroom and into the living room and starts untying herself. But the hitman catches her and he is not pleased. As punishment for her bad behavior, Cory is forced to strip for him, revealing her perfect tits and her sweet little snatch under sheer nylons. He ties her to a chair and tape gags her before leaving his terrified hostage to deal with later. Scene #BG0235
27 minutes. MP4 640×480

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