His Sexy Sleepy Stepdaughter – Scarlett Mae



His Sexy Sleepy Stepdaughter starring Scarlett Mae
Scarlett is tall and beautiful. Her last clip Sleepy Stepdaughter Obsession was a huge hit. Now she’s back for more sleepy fun with a new stepdad named Jon. Scarlett comes home and hangs out with her stepfather. She looks amazing in shiny black leggings and the poor guy can’t keep his eyes off her. When Scarlett goes to her room, he takes out a bottle and cloth that he has hidden. Scarlett returns and he grabs her, clasping the cloth over her face. Scarlett struggles hard but then her eyes roll back and she goes limp. Jon manipulates Scarlett’s limp body, posing her in different positions. He uses her hands to rub her crotch then he takes her top off so he can fondle her perfect tits. Then he sits on the sofa with Scarlett sleeping next to him and makes conversation with her while he watches tv. The next day, Scarlett lounges on her bed in sexy bra and panties. When stepdad enters, she makes no attempt to cover up and chats casually while Jon stares at her luscious body. Later, Scarlett is asleep and Jon enjoys caressing her body. When she awakens, he clasps the cloth over her face until she goes limp. He moves her body into a few different positions, takes her bra off and gropes her body and breasts. Scarlett wakes up again. She’s confused but knows something is wrong. Jon has no choice but to use the cloth to put her to sleep again. A minute of fun outtakes is included. Scene #KOB0715 23 minutes. MP4 1920 x 1080 (807mb)

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