Heroine Hit at Home – Star and Loren Chance


Heroine Hit at Home starring Star Nine and Loren Chance
Star looks incredible in a shiny pink catsuit, gloves and boots. She comes home after a long day of crime-fighting and is hit on the head by villainous Loren and falls to the floor. Loren drags Star to the couch and calls her accomplice. She tells him that she plans to hack into Star’s computer and get sectret information. While she waits for the guy to arrive, Loren fondles Star’s limp body. Star starts to wake up and Loren hits her with the club again…this time, it requires two hits to knock Star out. The guy shows up and decides to play with Star. He gropes her all over then strips her out of her costume for some more intense fondling. Loren returns and removes Star’s panties. Star wakes up again and Loren knocks her unconscious with a vicious blow to the head. The villains take some nude photos of Star and leave her there. Scene #SHKO0037
20 minutes. MP4 HD 1280×680

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