Her Unconscious Desires – Karlie Montana, Charlie Laine, Sinn Sage


Her Unconscious Desires starring Karlie Montana, Charlie Laine and Sinn Sage
Chloroform is combined with hypnosis in this highly unusual scene that was done as a custom video. The girls look beautiful throughout the scene in medium length dresses and high heels. Psychologist Karlie complains that she suffers from anxiety and that something in her subconscious mind is causing it. Her therapist Sinn hypnotizes her with a flashing light. While in a trance, Karlie reveals that she wants to be restrained and chloroformed by another woman. Later, when her patient Charlie comes in, Karlie recommends hypnosis. Karlie uses a swinging piece of jewelry and her calm, reassuring voice to put Charlie in a deep trance. She orders Charlie to participate in her fantasy. Charlie wraps Karlie in a white bed sheet, soaks a cloth in chloroform and applies it to Karlie’s face, removing it and reapplying it 3 times. Karlie does not fight the drug. She breathes it in and passes out cold. Karlie wakes up and uses a trigger word to get Charlie to unwrap her. She then wraps Charlie in a sheet and chloroforms her, reapplying the cloth 3 times before allowing Charlie to pass out. Charlie is in a trance so she does not fight the chloroform but her eyes react to it. When Charlie is unconscious, Karlie unwraps her and plays with her limp body. When Charlie awakens, Karlie wraps her again and knocks her out with the chloroform. Later, Karlie commands Charlie to knock her out again and then leave. Charlie wraps Karlie in the sheet and applies the chloroform, knocking her unconscious. Scene #KOB0355
38 minutes. The photo set contains 156 photos. MP4 640×480

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