Her Sexy Roommate – Janira Wolfe, Star Nine



Her Sexy Roommate starring Janira Wolfe and Star Nine
Star and Janira are unbelievably beautiful in this very sexy chloroform scene. When Janira comes home from work, her friend Star is happy to see her and wants to hang out. But Janira is tired and goes to bed, leaving Star feeling lonely. In the bedroom, Janira strips and puts on her cute bed clothes, unaware that Star is watching her lustfully. While Janira sleeps, Star touches her, then touches herself. She soaks a pair of Janira’s panties in chloroform and straddles her sleeping friend. When Janira awakens, she is shocked and Star quickly clasps the cloth over her face. Janira struggles but then her eyes roll back and she passes out. Star strips Janira to her panties and plays with her luscious body. She gives special attention to her feet. Left alone, Janira wakes up and staggers out of the room. Star sneaks up and chloroforms her. At one point, she pulls the cloth away then reapplies it. Janira’s eyes flutter and she goes limp. Star drags her back into the bedroom. A few minutes of hot outtakes are included. They contain lots of unused footage from the knock out scenes. Scene #KOB0592
23 minutes. 1280×720

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