Her Pantyhose Hostage – Rachel Adams and Alana Cruise



Her Pantyhose Hostage starring Rachel Adams and Alana Cruise
Innocent Rachel is bound and held captive by evil co-worker Alana! The girls come back from having drinks and hang out at Alana’s. But Alana has an ulterior motive…she’s going to kidnap Rachel and rob the office they work at. She hits Rachel on the head, knocking her unconscious.  Rachel awakens tightly bound and Alana taunts her.  She gags Rachel and torments her some more, fondling her. Left alone, Rachel kicks off her shoes and tries to hop to safety. But Alana catches her. Despite Rachel’s pleading, Alana forces her to strip naked. Rachel is horrified when she’s told to put both her legs into one leg of a pair of pantyhose. Rachel ends up with her legs and arms bound with tape and encased in nylon. Alana fondles her helpless hostage some more and even rubs her feet all over Rachel. Before she leaves, Alana pulls another stocking over Rachel’s head and leaves her there. Rachel, having no idea when she’ll be found and struggles desperately.  22 minutes. Scene #BG0858

Available in MP4
HD 1920×1080 852MB

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