Her Limp Lover – Ember Stone, Jolene Hexx



Her Limp Lover starring Ember Stone and Jolene Hexx.
Extraordinary performances by two beautiful actresses make this one of the best knock out scenes we’ve released in a while. Ember’s limpness is so realistic you’ll think she’s actually out. Her eye rolling is great too. Jolene is unbelievably sexy and is thrillingly malevolent as the obsessed stalker.
Ember talks to her friend on the phone, telling her that she keeps blacking out and waking up much later with her clothes off. She also mentions that she keeps having dreams about Jolene, a girl she had a short fling with. Ember has no idea that Jolene has sneaked into the apartment and is listening to her. Jolene soaks a cloth and waits. When Ember gets up, Jolene sneaks up behind her and clasps the cloth over her face. Ember puts up a desperate fight and manages to break free. She stumbles through the hall to the kitchen counter. In an amazing scene, Jolene uses the cloth till Ember is limp. She picks Ember up in her arms and carries her to the bedroom. She kisses and fondles her limp victim for a bit before stripping her naked. She gropes Ember’s tits and turns her over to play with her ass. Ember awakens and Jolene taunts her while she tries to stagger away. She doesn’t get far before Jolene captures her again. Once again, Ember’s eye work is excellent and the way her body flops around as Jolene drags her back to the bed is amazing. Later, Ember awakens and tries to stagger away again. Jolene mocks her and follows her closely. She applies the cloth, making Ember’s eyes roll back. But she releases her and lets her continue walking. Just as Ember reaches the front door, Jolene grabs her and cruelly subdues her from the front. Ember’s body crashes to the floor like a doll. Jolene carries her over her shoulders back to the bed. About 3 minutes of excellent outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0609
The scene is 18 minutes. The MP4 is 1920×1080.

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