Her Humiliated Pantyhose Prisoner – Rachel Adams and Agatha



Her Humiliated Pantyhose Prisoner starring Rachel Adams and Agatha
Cute girl-next-door Rachel is bound and cruelly tormented by villainess Agatha in this hot damsel clip. The girls were partners in a clothing company but Agatha quit. Now, she wants half the money. When Rachel refuses, Agatha hits her on the head. Rachel awakens securely bound with tape. Agatha taunts her, telling her what she plans to do with her. Left alone Rachel struggles hard. Agatha returns and humiliates her former friend by putting her stocking feet all over Rachel’s body and face. Later, Rachel finds herself encased in nylons and bound with tape. Agatha gropes and humiliates her some more. Rachel whimpers in terror as Agatha and her male accomplice discuss what to do with her. Agatha pulls another stocking over Rachel’s head and then wraps tape around her mouth! Rachel is left in a tiny closet, whimpering hopelessly. A minute of fun outtakes is included. 27 minutes. Scene #BG0835

HD MP4 1920×1080 (1.2GB)

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