Her Hired Henchman – Cali Logan and Karlie Montana


Her Hired Henchman starring Cali Logan and Karlie Montana
The girls were hoping for a relaxing night in front of the tv but they end up knocked out and abused by co-worker Loren and her evil henchman Jack. Looking very cute in their bed clothes, the girls lounge around, unaware they are being spied on by Jack. Jack soaks a cloth with lots of chloroform and waits. When Cali goes to the kitchen, Jack pounces on her and clasps the rag over her face. Cali struggles hard but soon her eyes roll back. Jack removes the cloth and Cali staggers a bit, gasping for air. He grabs her again and knocks her out completely, while fondling her beautiful breasts. Cali is placed on a chair, slumped over the kitchen counter. When Karlie comes in, Jack chases her into the living room where she is grabbed by Loren. Loren holds her and Karlie is terrified as Jack applies the cloth to her face. Loren fondles Karlie’s tits while she slips into unconsciousness. Jack and Loren carry Cali to the couch and place her next to Karlie. Loren allows Jack to fondle and play with the girls limp bodies. Karlie awakens and tries to crawl away but Jack grabs her and holds her while Loren chloroforms her. While Karlie is passing out, she is fondles by the villains and is told that Loren is hot for her and Cali and wants them for her own. Cali awakens and staggers down a long hallway and out the back door. She is grabbed and knocked out while she is groped. Both girls are placed on a bed where they are partially stripped and groped by Jack. When Loren tells Jack to leave, he decides that he wants the girls for himself so he chloroforms Loren. When the girls awaken, Jack knocks them out by putting masks on their faces and placing the rag inside the masks. With much great eye rolling, the girls fall unconscious. This scene ends with a couple of minutes of outtakes. Scene #KOB0420
29 minutes. The photo set contains 189 photos. MP4 640×480

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