Her Evil Twin – Loren Chance


Her Evil Twin starring Loren Chance
Loren looks super hot and gives a phenomenal performance as both a superheroine and her evil sister. Superheroine Loren sneaks into a house to do some investigating. Once inside, she finds herself trapped in a small hallway. Lorens evil twin shows up and asks if she will join her evil organization. Loren refuses and soon the hallway fills with gas. She tries to stay awake but is overcome and passes out. She awakens bound with hands over head, ballgagged. The ET (Evil Twin) enters (a pretty cool visual effect) and demands that Loren join her in crime. When Loren refuses, she is chloroformed but the cloth is pulled away before she passes out. Each time Loren refuses, the cloth is applied again. Her gag is removed for more chloroform torture but Loren will not give in. Finally, she is chloroformed into unconsciousness and hangs there lifeless. She awakens and tries to free herself but the ET returns. She puts a tight spandex hood over Lorens face and sticks the chloroform cloth under the hood, over Lorens mouth and nose. Loren struggles wildly but the drug does its job and she passes out. Later, the cloth falls out of the hood and Loren awakens and frees herself. Realizing that her villainous sister is returning, Loren flicks a switch, spraying her sister with knock out gas. The ET is overcome by the fumes and falls back, fighting to stay awake. Loren sprays her in the face with more sleeping gas from a bottle, knocking her out cold. 14 minutes. Scene #SHKO0033
MP4 640×480  The photo set contains 161 photos.

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