Her Date Had Other Plans – Charlie Laine and Goldie Cox


Her Date Had Other Plans starring Charlie Laine and Goldie Cox
Sweet, sexy Goldie is disappointed by a blind date who comes to pick her up. She tries to get rid of him but he insists on having a drink. He drugs her drink and she becomes really tired. Looking really tasty in a short, tight dress and sexy heels, she tries hard to stay awake but soon her eyes roll back and she slips into unconsciousness. The guy fondles her thoroughly, lifting her dress to grope her cute tits and smooth, round ass. Goldie wakes up in just her panties, bound standing with arms over head. She is gagged with cloth and she whimpers in terror as her creepy suitor fondles her all over. When Charlie comes home, he smashes a bottle over her head, sending her crashing to the floor. When Charlie wakes up, she and Goldie are in just panties and are bound to chairs and gagged with cloth. They struggle hard but can not get loose. The guy returns and fondles Goldie while Charlie watches in horror. He then puts chloroform on the girls gags. Though they struggle to stay awake but, with eyes rolling, the pass out. They wake up in a humiliating position. They are naked and bound standing with hands over heads. A rope ties them together face to face. As they struggle, their perfect bodies and luscious tits rub against each other. They look really hot. Scene #KOTI0108
24 minutes. The photo set contains 119 photos. MP4 640×480

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