Her Chloroform Desires – Sinn Sage



Her Chloroform Desires starring Sinn Sage
Sexy Sinn has a surprise for her boyfriend, Drake. She’s managed to get a bottle of chloroform and confesses her fantasy of being knocked out. Drake is happy to participate in the fantasy and soaks a pair of Sinn’s panties in chloroform. Sinn wants to be surprised so he hides and sneaks up on her. He clasps the panties over her face. Sinn struggles but the drug takes effect and she passes out. He plops her down on the couch and immediately gets some ideas. He starts playing with Sinn’s limp body. He can’t control himself so he partially strips her and gropes her luscious flesh. He puts her on her knees and fondles her awesome ass then puts her on the couch on her back. He rubs her crotch and sucks her nipples. When Sinn starts to wake up, Drake pretends that he also used the drug and is waking up. Sinn is very satisfied and tells him how much she enjoyed it. But then she realizes she’s undressed and that he has been messing with her. She’s angry and gives him a hard time. As she walks away, Drake clasps the panties over her mouth and knocks her out again! Scene #KOB0581
17 minutes. 1280×680

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