Her Car Broke Down – Ariel Anderssen


Her Car Broke Down starring Ariel Anderson
Jack calls his cousin Joe to tell him he is bringing a nice girl home to meet him. But the girl, Ariel, is tied up and gagged in the back seat of the car! Jack brings Ariel home where she encounters the twisted cousin, who is so deformed he has to wear a mask. Jack forces her on the floor, unties her and removes her gag. They both grope her for a bit. Jack makes her take off her boots and orders her to stuff one of her socks in her mouth. Joe wants to see more of her so she is ordered to strip totally naked. She is then tied to a table, sitting, with her arms bound behind her and he legs spread wide. The bondage is really tight and restrictive. Jack shows up and torments Ariel with a riding crop. She is terrified, whimpering in fear. Jack is merciless. He squeezes her tits and rubs her thighs. Then he hand gags her while he whispers awful things in her ear. He finally leaves her alone but assures her that he will return. Soon Joe shows up to intensely grope her incredible body. He even helps himself to a closer look at her pussy but he can not get his tongue through his mask. He wraps shiny tape over Ariels already gagged mouth and then covers her eyes as well. He uses his hand to cover her nostrils so that she can not breathe. He toys with his victim, suffocating her and then releasing her. But, Jack returns and Joe takes off. Ariel finds herself tied to the bed in sexy black lingerie, garters and sheer black stockings. Jack shows up and forces her to open wide for a big red ball gag, which is tied so tight her cheeks cave inward. He is constantly manhandling her, smacking her or talking nasty to her. He even threatens her with a knife which is left on the night stand just out of her reach. Then, he leaves her to suffer for a while. She makes a valiant but failed attempt to get a hold of the knife. Joe shows up to molest her some more. He takes off her bra and starts rubbing her tits, crotch and legs. The simpleton talks to Ariel, asking if she likes him better than Jack. He removes her gag and she uses her charms to convince him to untie her. But, as Joe begins to free Ariel, Jack returns and is pretty pissed off. Jack kills his disloyal cousin. But Ariel, who is partially untied, has a plan of her own! Will she escape the mad mans clutches?! Scene #BG0333
The scene is 27.5 minutes. MP4 is 640×480.

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