Helpless Hostage – Cali Logan & Mary Jane Green


Helpless Hostage starring Cali Logan and Mary Jane Green
Cali could not be more beautiful and she is the perfect helpless victim in this intense crime story. Cali plays an innocent rich girl who is lured to a remote location by family acquaintance Mary Jane. When Cali arrives, Mary Jane distracts her while creepy villain Andrew sneaks up and clasps a chloroform soaked cloth over her mouth. Mary Jane restrains Cali’s hands while (with plenty of eye-rolling) she is knocked unconscious. Andrew carries Cali in his arms to the bedroom. He fondles Cali’s limp body all over while Mary Jane watches and touches herself. Later, Cali awakens, still in her sexy black dress, pantyhose and heels. She is terrified to find that she is securely bound with lots of rope. She struggles for a while and, when Mary Jane and Andrew enter, she pleads to be released. Mary Jane cruelly mocks her and demands to know the pin numbers to all of Cali’s credit cards. When threatened by the ominous Andrew, she hands over the information. MJ and Andrew discuss the best way to gag Cali and decide to pack her mouth with cloth and tie another cloth tightly between her teeth. Again, Cali pleads with them but it is no use. The cloth she is gagged with is shiny and black and looks really hot. With Cali helplessly tied and gagged, Mary Jane goes to the bank, leaving Cali alone with Andrew, who takes the opportunity to fondle his whimpering captive. He squeezes her luscious tits relentlessly then leaves her to struggle. Later, Andrew returns. In an incredible scene, he unties Cali, tears her clothes from her body and fondles her intensely. Still gagged, Cali whippers pitifully, her eyes filled with horror as he gropes her perfect tits and body. She watches helplessly as the brute socks a cloth in chloroform. Her gag is removed and Cali is knocked unconscious again. Later, she awakens completely nude, her hands bound behind her, a cloth gag in her mouth. Mary Jane and Andrew return and they both play with her tits while she struggles and pleads. Cali ends up bound with lots of white tape. Once again she pleads desperately not to be gagged but Mary Jane cruelly takes off her boots and stuffs her dirty socks into Cali’s mouth then wraps tape all around her head. Mary Jane decides to torture Cali to get some more information. She squeezes Cali’s toes with pliers, causing her to scream through her gag. Cali is then left there alone, whimpering helplessly. About 3 minutes of excellent outtakes are included. Scene #KOTI0149
39 minutes. The photo set contains 147 photos. MP4 640×480

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