Helpless at Their Feet – Jolene Hexx and Star Nine


Helpless at Their Feet starring Jolene Hexx and Star Nine
You’re tied up on the floor at the feet of two relentlessly cruel women in this exciting POV clip (which is a bit darker than most femdom scenes). You made the mistake of letting the girls into your home and now they’re taken control and you are their helpless victim. The girls look down at you and stick their boots in your face as they torment you, threatening to leave you tied up in a car trunk or out in the desert. They take off their boots and smother you with their sweaty, smelly socks, threatening to gag you with them. The socks come off and their beautiful but disgusting bare feet are stuck in your face. They decide to just leave you there tightly bound so they stuff their socks in your mouth, say a sarcastic goodbye and exit. These are two of the best actresses around and they’re at their best in this exciting clip. 15 minutes. Scene #FTMI0093
MP4  1920×1080

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