Held Hostage in a Closet – Star Nine and Carissa Montgomery


Held Hostage in a Closet starring Star Nine and Carissa Montgomery
Carissa and Star give thrilling performances as the terrified victims of two vicious criminals! Carissa, looking gorgeous in office skirt outfit with heels and pantyhose, cowers in a closet. The door opens and Star is pushed into the closet with her. Star explains that the men who are holding them captive are planning to rob the bank where the girls work. Carissa is horrified to hear that the thieves plan to tie them up. Star tells her that they have to gag and handcuff themselves and that the creeps will then bind them more securely. Star tries to calm her friend down as they pack each other’s mouths and tie one cloth between their teeth and another over their mouths! After the girls are handcuffed, the villains return and the girls find themselves standing in the locked closet, securely bound with rope and still wearing the cruel gags. They struggle hard but the ropes are too tight. With some difficulty, they remove their shoes. Many hours later, the guys return. One takes Carissa with him to the bank. The other stays with the horrified Star. He partially unties her then puts his grimy hands all over her body. He gropes her tits, opening her blouse and pulling down her bra. He then closes her in the closet. Carissa endures similarly humiliating fondling at the hands of the other creep. She whimpers as he gropes her tits and ass. The girls are untied and ordered to strip naked. They plead not to be humiliated like this but the guys insist. Once naked, the girls are made to use their own sweaty pantyhose to gag each other. They end up standing in the closet tightly bound with their arms around each other. To keep them extremely quiet, the villains tie additional cloths over the pantyhose gags! After taunting the girls, the creeps lock them in the closet and leave. The poor girls whimper and struggle but it is clear they will never free themselves. 30 minutes. Scene #BG0676
MP4 1280×680

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