Held Hostage at Home – Diana Grace



Held Hostage at Home starring Diana Grace
Diana is the perfect frightened damsel in this hot scene with villain Tim Woodman. Bank manager Diana comes home, unaware that bank robber Tim is waiting. Diana is grabbed and handgagged. Tim orders Diana to give him her security codes for the bank. Then he tapes her up securely. Despite her pleading, Diana is gagged with packing and tape and left sitting on the bathroom sink. She struggles hard but can’t free herself. She kicks off her shoes and hops around, trying to escape. But Tim catches her, gropes her hot body and taunts her cruelly. Diana is dragged into the bedroom where Tim strips her down to her shiny pantyhose. Diana is bound and gagged on the bed with her legs apart. After more groping and threats, Diana is left there, struggling helplessly. The excellent outtakes, which are sold separately, include candid shots of Diana being tied, posing for photos and joking around on set as well as second camera footage from the bedroom scene. The scene is 23 minutes. Outtakes are 14 minutes. Scene #BG0877

HD MP4 1920×1080
Scene – 965MB
Outtakes – 575MB

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