He Was Watching – Darby


He Was Watching starring Darby
At the very beginning of this scene, we briefly see Jack Banner (who directed and did the ropework) cruelly tormenting Gina Rae who is bound and gagged and is wearing video viewing glasses through which Jack is showing her videos of other women being bound and tormented. The video he is showing her now is of cute Darby, who has short blonde hair in this scene. Darby enters in skirt and blouse and, not knowing that Jack is watching her, she begins to try on a variety of bras and blouses for around 8 minutes. When Jack can stand it no longer, he grabs Darby, throws her on the bed and ties her up. Before long, Darby is bound in a chair with a tight ballgag muffling her pleas. Her blouse has been removed, revealing a white bra. Jack gropes and fondles Darby’s body relentlessly. Darby is then forced to walk around still ballgagged and with her hands bound behind her. Later, Jack ties her up on the bed. Darby looks great barefoot in jeans and white bra as Jack cruelly ties her elbows together and hogties her. Needless to say, he gropes her tits and body before leaving her helpless. This excellent scene has an eerie, creepy feel to it and Darby looks incredible in tight bondage. 24 minutes. Scene #BG0407

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