Haunted By Her Hair – Brenna Sparks



Haunted By Her Hair starring Brenna Sparks
Brenna is a stunning young woman with amazingly luxurious hair. She is in a trance under the control of sinister Mr. Donovan. She stands there with her glassy eyes staring into space. Donovan stands behind her and orders her to sleep. She goes limp and falls back into his arms. He sniffs her gorgeous hair while he holds her up. He orders her to awaken and to brush her hair. While she runs the brush through her hair, Donovan soaks a cloth in chloroform. He presses it to her face. She reacts a little but remains in the trance as she goes to sleep. Donovan sits on the sofa with Brenna in front of him and continues to sniff and stroke her hair. When she awakens, he uses the cloth to knock her out again. This clip is very mild…not much noise or struggling. It’s quietly sexy. Then Brenna comes to an audition for a music video. Donovan has Brenna stand in front of him and dance, rubbing against him. Then, while Brenna brushes her hair, Donovan soaks a cloth. While Brenna dances in front of him again, Donovan clasps the cloth over her mouth. Brenna struggles a bit but her eyes roll and she passes out in Donovan’s arms. Donovan sits on the sofa with Brenna in front of him. He sniffs and strokes her hair. When Brenna awakens, he chloroforms her again. Later, Brenna comes in for a modeling job. Donovan mentions she has some dirt on her face. He uses a chloroform soaked cloth to wipe it off, making Brenna’s eyes roll a bit. Then, he chloroforms her for real, grabbing her from behind. Brenna struggles but soon her eyes roll and she goes limp. Donovan sniffs her hair and plays with her limbs while sitting on the couch with Brenna in front of him. Brenna wakes up and is confused. Donovan chloroforms her and holds the cloth over her face till the end of the scene. The lengthy outtakes contain bloopers and unused footage as well as lots of footage from a second camera that was running during the shoot. There are some really great shots. Scene #KOB0650

The scene is 38 minutes. The outtakes are 27 minutes.

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