Groping Her Roommate – Georgia Jones and Samantha Ryan


Groping Her Roommate starring Georgia Jones and Samantha Ryan
Beautiful roommate Samantha and Georgia lounge around in their cute bedtime cloths. When Samantha finds out that Georgia has brought home some important papers from her law firm home, she gets an idea. She grabs her friend and clasps a chloroform rag over her face. Georgia fights energetically, but soon her bright blue eyes go dim, and she falls unconscious. Turned on by this bizarre situation, Samantha cannot resist stripping and groping her friends flawless body. Samantha herself strips naked and straddles her friend for some intense fondling. But when Samantha is not looking, a male intruder, who also wants the papers, sneaks in and chloroforms her. The girls limp and helpless, are left on the bed while the guy makes off with Georgia’s briefcase. Scene #KOB0361

11.5 minutes. The photo set contains 107 photos. MP4 640×480

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