Groped and Terrorized – Lexi Belle


Groped and Terrorized starring Lexi Belle
Lexi looks incredible and conveys an appealing helplessness in this tense scene. Lexi foolishly allows criminals Loren and Donovan into her home. Once inside, the pounce on Lexi and Donovan clasps his hand over her mouth. Loren begins tying Lexi and, before long, she is gagged with packing and duct tape. Lexi whimpers as she is pushed to the couch and her ankles and legs are bound. Left alone, Lexi struggles but can not free herself. Lexi cowers in terror when Donovan returns and cruelly fondles her tits and body. Loren returns and joins in. Lexis shirt and bra are cut off her body and Loren and Donovan continue their humiliating groping. They stand Lexi up and pull down her pantyhose. After enduring even more degradation, Lexi is blindfolded and left on the floor. 24 minutes. Scene #BG0579

MP4 640×480

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