Grabbed From Behind – Ava Sinclaire


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Grabbed From Behind starring Ava Sinclaire

Ava is incredibly cute and sexy and plays a great sleepy damsel in this hot scene! There’s not much story…just great chloroform scenes, groping and carries.  Ava talks on the phone, totally unaware that an intruder is sneaking up on her. When she hangs up the phone, he grabs her and clasps the cloth over her face.  She fights so hard, her feet come up off the floor. Then her eyes flutter and she passes out. Ava is carried to the couch where the villain plays with her body and gropes her. He strips her down to her sheer pantyhose and enjoys her body some more.  Ava starts to wake up and the guy presses the cloth to her face from the front, knocking her out. He then puts her over his shoulder and carries her away. Six minutes of outtakes are included.  They’re not just bloopers…there is unused footage as well as alternate edits of the chloroformings. 22 minutes. Scene #KOB0766

HD MP4 – 1920×1080 – 907MB

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