Good Cop, Bad Cop – Jolene Hexx and Diana Grace



Good Cop, Bad Cop starring Jolene Hexx and Diana Grace
The girls look incredible in this exciting crime story! Officer Diana discovers that her boss, Jolene, is working with the mob. Jolene quickly subdues the feisty cop. Diana is bound in a chair and pleads with Jolene, who responds by gagging her with tape. Jolene enjoys her hostage, grabbing her luscious breasts and describing what might happen to her. Diana whimpers, her stunning eyes filled with fear. When she’s had enough fun, Jolene makes Diana hop out of the room. At home, Jolene talks to the mob boss on the phone. While she discusses Diana’s fate, she opens a closet to reveal Diana, bound and gagged. Jolene unties Diana and asks her to join her in crime. Diana refuses so Jolene tells her that she will either be sold as a sex slave or she’ll disappear. Later, Diana is bound and gagged in hot lingerie. Jolene plays with her hot body and taunts her about her future as a slave. But, she decides to just keep Diana for herself. About 10 minutes of excellent outtakes follow including lots of shots of Diana in bondage. There’s also a “deleted scene” where Jolene humiliates Diana by making her get her coffee and rub her feet. 29 minutes. Scene #BG0846

HD MP4 1920×1080 (1.3GB)

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