Glamour Girl Gets Smacked – Danni Rivers



Glamour Girl Gets Smacked starring Dani Rivers
Beautiful, elegant Danni, looking amazing in a short black dress and pantyhose, comes in for a modeling audition. While she talks to the shady photographer, a creepy assailant sneaks up behind her and smacks her with a club. Danni falls back limply into the guys arms. Danni is dragged to a sofa where the villain manipulates Danni’s limp body and limbs. She’s like a rag doll in his arms. He gropes her hot body and tits. When Danni awakens, she groggily asks about the modeling job but she’s quickly hit on the head again. Danni is stripped to her pantyhose and the other guy joins in, removing Danni’s shoes and fondling her legs and feet. Danni awakens again but another blow to the head knocks her out. After some more groping and limp body manipulation, Danni awakens and staggers away. The villain follows and smacks Danni again. She falls into his arms and he drags her away. A couple of minutes of great outtakes are included. 16 minutes. Scene #KOB0698 MP4 1920×1080

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