Give Me a Show – Angie Savage, Carli Banks, Loren Chance


Give Me a Show starring Angie Savage, Carli Banks and Loren Chance
Angie, Carli, and Loren are three super sexy chicks who work together at a jewelry store. The girls, all in sexy business clothes with pantyhose and heels, are relaxing at Lorens house after work when the topic of missing merchandise comes up. When Carli accidentally goes into Lorens bedroom and discovers that Lorens the thief, Loren has no choice but to dispense with her savvy coworkers. She pounces on Carli, gags her with stuffing and a cleave, and ties her up on the bed. Then Loren lures Angie into the bedroom and grabs her from behind, binding her arms. She finishes the job on the couch, putting more rope on the frightened hotties. The girls whimper and struggle and futilely try to help each other escape. As they continue to fight against their restraints, their shoes fall off and they end up pressed close together lying on the couch. They seem exhausted, but the friction of their hot bodies pressed together gets them quite excited. They start to sensually rub their bodies together, and Angie caresses Carlis tits as much as the bondage will allow. Loren discovers the girls in their horny state and decides to make them put on a show for her. Loren forces the girls to strip naked on the bed despite their shy protests. She ties them and gags them with white tape before commanding them to make out with each other. The two naked blondes seem embarrassed at first, reluctant to touch each others soft skin and gorgeous tits, but soon they really start to enjoy it. They kiss through their gags and caress each other everywhere. The hot lesbian make out session continues. Loren orders the girls to get more passionate, and they sure do! Angie fondles Carlis sweet tits, and Carli runs her hand over Angies gorgeous body and between her legs. They press their naked flesh against each other and rub their tits together. Loren reties them facing each other on their knees before leaving town with the stolen goods. The girls are distressed, but soon the closeness of their naked bodies overpowers their fear and they make out once more. Outtakes feature on screen tying, some candid conversation with the models and footage of the two outrageously hot blondes being playful and frisky! Scene #BG0135

30 minutes. The outtakes are 7 minutes. MP4 640×480

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