Girl Detective Caught Snooping – Lexie Fux, Agatha Delicious



Girl Detective Caught Snooping starring Lexie Fux and Agatha Delicious
Naive detective Lexie is snooping around when villainous Agatha smacks her on the head with a club. When Lexie wakes up, she’s bound with tape. Agatha taunts her and gags her, wrapping tape around her head. Agatha torments her victim, groping and threatening her. Left alone, Lexie struggles but can’t free herself. She slides the shoes off her stocking feet and tries to hop away. But Agatha catches her and tells her a man is coming over to buy her! When the creep shows up, he wants to see more of Lexie. Agatha makes her strip and shows her body off to the man. Later, Lexie is bound with straps and gagged with shiny cloth. Agatha pulls her around on a leash and delivers her to her new owner. 16 minutes. Scene #BG0824

MP4 1920×1080

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