Get Me a Beer, Bitch – Anastasia Pierce


Get Me a Beer, Bitch starring Anastasia Pierce
Anastasia is all dressed up and ready to go out and celebrate her wedding anniversary. But, her husband Liam has different plans. He has invited his friend Joe over to watch wrestling on tv. Anastasia is upset and really wants to go out. So, Liam must discipline her. He orders her to get undressed. Anastasia is horribly embarrassed to strip in front of Joe but Liam threatens her so she peels off her beautiful velvet dress and stands there humiliated in just bra and tan pantyhose. When she will not stop whining, Liam pulls her over his knee and spanks her nylon-covered ass. Anastasia squeals from the pain and pleads with her hostile husband. You can see how red her ass is even through the nylons. Liam stands Anastasia up and orders her to remove her hose. She does and he places her over his knee again and brutally spanks her tender bare ass. Throughout her ordeal, Anastasia has to put up with taunting and crude insults from both her husband and his creepy friend. Finally, Anastasia endures the ultimate dehumanizing. She is on the floor, naked, on all fours and she is used as a table to hold her husbands beer and snacks. 11 minutes. Scene #SPNK0007
MP4 640×480

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