Gas, Chloroform and Ropes – Sinn Sage and Sarah Blake


Gas, Chloroform and Ropes starring Sinn Sage and Sarah Blake
Two hot young ladies are knocked out with gas and chloroform and end up in tight bondage!
Sinn and Sarah, in cute business attire, apply for jobs with a small airline. They are a bit surprised when they find that the airline is run out of a scary garage. The creepy owner chats with the girls then puts on a gas mask! Suddenly, the garage fills with knock out gas. The girls gasp for air and try to escape but they are locked in. Overcome by the fumes, the girls slowly pass out (with plenty of eye-rolling). They awaken, bound to chairs with cloth gags tied between their teeth. Terrified, they struggle against their bonds and whimper through their gags. Removing their shoes, they try to use their nyloned feet to untie the ropes. Sinn manages to free herself from the chair and, still bound, hops for the door. But the guy is waiting for her. He clasps a rag over her face. Sinn fights him hard but the chloroform takes effect and she passes out while Sarah watches in horror. The guy removes Sarahs gag and chloroforms her too. Her eyes roll up in her head and she slips into unconsciousness.Then, the girls awaken in an uncomfortable and humiliating position. They are naked and bound standing with their hands over their heads. Their hot little bodies are tightly bound together, face to face, and they are gagged with elastic bandages. They struggle hard, their delicious tits and bodies rubbing against each other. The room fills with gas again. The girls struggle hard but the fumes are too strong and they slowly pass out. The image of the two of them, bound together with their eyes fluttering is extremely hot! The exciting outtakes include a few unused shots from the knock outs and a lot of shots of the girls being bound. Scene #KOTI0064
19 minutes. The outtakes are 10 minutes. The photo set contains 151 photos. MP4 640×480

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