Gangster Girl – Sheena Shaw


Gangster Girl starring Sheena Shaw
Sexy Sheena tries to leave town with a mobsters money but the mobster sends his henchman to stop her. The guy cuffs Sheenas hands in front of her and forces her to strip. He cuts her top off, leaving her in bra and panties. Sheena is securely bound on the bed, which puts her in the perfect position for the guy to fondle and grope her tight body. A gag is pulled between her teeth and, after a little more fondling, Sheena is left alone to struggle. When the guy unties Sheena, she runs and, still gagged, she hides in a closet. The henchman finds her and spanks her ass hard to punish her for misbehaving. Sheena ends up bound on the couch, naked, in a humiliating position with her legs spread. She whimpers through her gag as she is groped and threatened. But, it turns out she never stole any money so the henchman takes off, leaving Sheena bound and helpless. Scene #BG0580

23 minutes. The photo set contains 105 photos. MP4 640×480

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