Gagging Star Nine – Star Nine


Gagging Star Nine starring Star Nine
Star gives a great performance in this scene for fans of pleading and gagging. Star is tied to a chair in her sexy skirt, top, pantyhose and heels. In each short segment, she begs to be released then begs not to be gagged. Of course, the villain gags her and Star struggles and whimpers. First, she’s gagged with packing and a shiny black cloth over her mouth. Next, Star pleads very tearfully but ends up with a pink cloth pulled between her teeth. Then, Star is defiant…she demands to be released and not to be gagged. The villain packs her mouth with cloth and seals her lips up with white medical tape. During this segment, Star works the shoes off her feet. The villain returns, opens her blouse, pulls down her bra and gropes her luscious tits. Star remains defiant as the creep puts a silver, metallic ballgag in her mouth. After leaving Star to struggle for a while, he returns and ties an elastic bandage over the ballgag! Finally, Star is topless. The bad guy gags her with a shiny black cloth between her teeth. Star struggles for a while but the guy returns, ties another cloth over the cleave gag then blindfolds Star. After groping her tits, he leaves her there whimpering helplessly. Scene #BG0703

20 minutes. The photo set contains 90 photos. MP4 1280×680

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