Gagging Karlie Montana – Karlie Montana


Gagging Karlie Montana
Karlie is bound repeatedly and begs not to be gagged (of course, she always ends up gagged) in this collection of hot bondage scenes. She pleads directly into the camera so you will feel like she is talking to you. In clip 1, Karlie lies on a bed in nothing but jeans. She is securely bound and she writhes in her ropes as she begs her unseen captor not to gag her. But a knotted bandana is pulled between her teeth. She whimpers and struggles to free herself but gets nowhere. There are some great barefoot shots. In clip 2, Karlie struggles in tiny shorts and a sexy top. She pleads intensely to be released and for her captor not to gag her. But, a large ballgag is jammed into her mouth. She struggles in bondage and pleads through her gag. Again, there are some great barefoot close ups. In clip 3, Karlie is in just tiny panties and black heels and is tightly bound with rope. Her begging is ignored as a rag is jammed in her mouth and a shiny black cloth is tied over it. She struggles and squirms on the bed, trying to free herself. In clip 4, Karlie sits on a couch. She wears tiny panties, a clingy t shirt and heels. She pleads for release and tells you she won’t be able to breathe if her mouth is taped. But her mouth gets taped and Karlie struggles and whimpers on the couch. Clip 5 is quite different. Karlie is nude and hogtied on the couch. She is turned on and begs you to gag her! She says that being bound makes her hot and she really wants to be gagged. Finally, she gets her wish. Her mouth is packed with cloth and taped shut with clear tape. She struggles sensuously. There are plenty of great shots of her tasty bare feet. Clip 6 is even more unusual. Karlie is nude and not tied up at all. She sits on the couch with a cloth gag between her teeth and answers questions. The interviewer asks her questions about being a bondage model such as What is your favorite gag? and What models do you like to work with? It’s very funny to hear Karlie trying to speak through her gag. The outtakes include footage of Karlie being tied up by Loren Chance. Scene #BG0679

MP4 1280×680. 43 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. The photo set has 125 photos.

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