Gagging Georgia Jones – Georgia Jones


Gagging Georgia Jones starring Georgia Jones
Beautiful Georgia gives a great damsel in distress performance in this scene that focuses on skirts and over-mouth gags. A creepy burglar breaks into Georgia’s house and notices she has a drawer full of silky scarves. When Georgia returns home, the guy grabs her and clasps a gloved hand over her mouth. The terrified girl is pushed to the bed and tied up with scarves. A shiny white scarf is tightly tied over her mouth, silencing her protests. Georgia struggles on the bed and hops around a bit. Finally, she manages to free herself and tries to escape. But, the masked intruder sneaks up behind her and quickly ties a shiny red scarf over her mouth. Georgia is bound and left to struggle again. When the guy leaves, she squirms over to a phone, works her gag loose and calls for help. Georgia decides she does not want to be alone so she puts on some dressy clothes and goes to a party with friends. When she returns, she is with a man who she met at the party, not realizing (rather foolishly) that he is the burglar. Once inside, the criminal chloroforms Georgia and ties her to a chair. When she wakes up, he ties his necktie over her mouth and leaves her struggling helplessly. Georgia hops to the couch, frees herself and calls for help. The outtakes include Georgia being tied and gagged, posing for photos and goofing around. Scene #BG0532

MP4 640×480. 38 minutes. The outtakes are 4.5 minutes. The photo set has 88 photos.

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