Gagged With her Socks, Too – Isobel Wren and Alyssa Reece


Gagged With her Socks, Too starring Isobel Wren and Alyssa Reece
Beautiful roommates Alyssa and Isobel come home from work, looking hot in their tight jeans and leather boots. They complain about how tired they are and how sweaty and disgusting their socks are under the boots. Suddenly, two men break into the house and take the girls captive. They want the security code to Alyssas office and, after she gives it to them, they tie the girls up. They remove the girls boots so they can tie their ankles tightly. Despite their pleading, the girls mouths are packed with cloth and taped shut. The creeps decide to make the girls really secure so they tie a rope from each girls ankles to the others neck. This ensures that the girls will not struggle or they might hurt each other. It also forces each girls sweaty socked feet to get really close to the others face! The girls are left alone and they struggle as much as they can, whimpering through their gags. When the guys return, they decide to leave the girls tied up indefinitely. They remove Alyssas socks and stuff them in Isobel’s mouth and vice versa. The girls mouths are then taped and they are left there. They struggle hard and even try to use their bare feet to pull each others gags off but it is useless. The excellent outtakes include shots of the girls being tied and chatting through their gags during a break. There are also some great foot shots. Scene #BG0535

19 minutes. The outtakes are 7 minutes. MP4 640×480

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