Gagged With Her Socks 7 – Chrissy Marie and Jolene Hexx


Gagged With Her Socks 7 starring Chrissy Marie and Jolene Hexx
A hot kidnapping bondage scene for foot fans! Rich girl Chrissy comes out to Jolene’s house to have a talk. Jolene has been a maid for Chrissy’s family for years and asks Chrissy to lend her some money to get her boyfriend out of jail. Chrissy refuses to help her and starts to leave but Jolene grabs her. Later, Chrissy is brought in with her hands and arms bound. Jolene taunts her. She removes Chrissy’s boots and socks and tells Chrissy that one of the sock going in her mouth. After Jolene has had to do Chrissy’s laundry for so many years, she enjoys gagging Chrissy with the smelly sock. She then places the other sock under a cloth gag, forcing Chrissy to smell it. Jolene cruelly torments her captive, pulling up her top and groping her. Jolene removes her own boots and sticks her socked feet in Chrissy’s face, making her smell them. She rubs her feet against Chrissy’s naked tits. Then, she removes her socks and torments Chrissy with her bare feet. When the boyfriend shows up, he decides to leave Jolene bound and gagged too. The girls end up bound naked on the bed in a humiliating feet to face position. The girls mouths are taped and their sweaty feet are in each other’s faces! The outtakes include footage of the girls joking around while tied up. Scene #BG0787

MP4 1920×1080. The scene is 20 minutes. Outtakes are 5 minutes.

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