Gagged With Her Socks 6 – Janira Wolfe and Eva Long


Gagged With Her Socks 6 starring Janira Wolfe and Eva Long
Two hot damsels in a fetishy bondage clip! Looking amazing in pants and boots, Janira and her stepmom Eva come home from a night of clubbing. They’re excited that they’ve become friends now that Eva married Janina’s step-dad. They also talk about how hot and sweaty their feet are. They don’t even want to take their boots off because their socks are so smelly. There’s an intruder in the house and the girls get grabbed. Left in the bedroom, the girls talk about how scared they are, knowing they will probably be bound and gagged. The guy orders them to take their boots off and gag each other with their dirty socks! The girls plead but have no choice. They stuff the sweaty socks into each other’s mouths. The girls are bound on a bed, now with tape over their mouths. They are tied together so that each girl’s smelly bare feet are right in the other’s face! They struggle and whimper helplessly. Next, the girls are naked, tied up in the bathroom with hands over their heads. They are tied face to face and whimper with humiliation as their luscious bodies rub against each other. This is a really good clip but, due to a technical problem, it doesn’t look great. The image is a bit dark and not quite as sharp as we’d like. But it’s well worth the price! Scene #BG0777

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