Gagged With Her Socks 4 – Celeste Star and Karlie Montana


Gagged With Her Socks 4 starring Celeste Star and Karlie Montana
Another installment in the popular series! Celeste and Karlie come home from work in their tight jeans and sexy boots and complain about how hot and sweaty their feet are after wearing the boots all day. The girls have no idea that a couple of criminals are hiding out in the house. The girls are grabbed and end up with their hands tied and their mouths taped. They sit there terrified while their captors discuss what to do with them. After removing the girls boots, the creeps tie their ankles and leave them in a dangerous and humiliating position – with their smelly socked feet in each others faces! The girls struggle as much as they can but it is useless. Later, the villains untie the girls and order them to strip naked. The terrified girls are then made to gag each other with their dirty socks. They are left there naked, bound and tape-gagged. 24 minutes. Scene #BG0628 
MP4 1280×680

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