Fulfilling His Fantasies – Ariel Anderssen


Fulfilling His Fantasies starring Ariel Anderssen
Ariel looks gorgeous and gives a thrilling performance in this dramatic scene. Ariel’s agent has brought her to see a magician so that she can begin training to be his assistant. She looks incredible in the costume…a shiny leotard with pantyhose and boots. Since her agent is there, Ariel does not object when the magician secures her to a table by wrapping plastic wrap around her. But, she does object when he pulls out a cloth and douses it in chloroform. Ariel is terrified and pleads for release. Instead, the guy tortures her with the chloroform, holding it in her face, then pulling it away several times. Finally, he leaves it there and with much struggling and eye-rolling, Ariel passes out. The guy fondles Ariel’s body and tits. The agent, who was in on the plot joins in on the fun. The magician pulls down the top of her costume for better access to her breasts. Ariel awakens and is promptly chloroformed again. Ariel awakens on a bed. The creepy conjurer explains that she will be fulfilling his fantasies of unconsciousness. He gives her a sexy lingerie outfit and tells her to go to sleep…it is his fantasy to sneak in during the night and chloroform her! Ariel protests but eventually must submit. She puts on the outfit and, too frightened to sleep, she lies on the bed and awaits her fate. In a very tense scene, the guy enters and prepares the chloroform then attacks Ariel. She fights hard but soon her eyes flutter and she slips into unconsciousness. Needless to say, he undresses his victim and fondles her body. He then dresses her limp body in another lacy outfit. Ariel awakens and is told that the magician wants to try another fantasy. Ariel is ordered to sit in a chair and wait to be chloroformed again. Her face full of fear, she sits apprehensively as the guy soaks the cloth and puts her to sleep again. The outtakes include unused shots from the chloro scenes and Ariel talking about doing knock out scenes. Scene #KOB0311
33 minutes. The outtakes are 4 minutes. The photo set contains 191 photos. MP4 640×480

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