Frozen, Limp and Bound – Ashley Lane, Megan Loxx



Frozen, Limp and Bound starring Ashley Lane and Megan Loxx.
The heroines face endless peril in this exciting clip! Evil Donovan activates his Mesmer-ray and is thrilled when Ashley and Megan arrive, fully entranced and under his control. He soaks a cloth and orders Megan to use it on Ashley. Since Ashley is in a trance, she doesn’t fight much and goes limp. Donovan orders Megan to use the cloth on herself and she does as she is told. Both heroines end up on the floor, limp and helpless. They’re then bound standing in a doorway with ropes forcing them to stand on their toes. The girls struggle and finally manage to free themselves. But, as they sneak away, the villain dies a ray at them, making them freeze in place. You can see the terror in the girl’s eyes as Donovan soaks the cloth and uses it on each of them. About 3 minutes of outtakes are included, much of which is Ashley laughing, which is pretty cute. 17 minutes. Scene #SHMI0022
MP4 1920×1080

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