Friends With Benefits – Miss Tiffany and Ember Stone



Friends with Benefits starring Ember Stone and Miss Tiffany
Best friends Tiffany and Ember come home from a night of partying, looking incredible in short, shiny dresses and thigh high hose. But the party is just starting. The girls talk about playing around with their favorite substance – chloroform – and about how much they enjoy using it on each other. Tiffany soaks a cloth and the girls sniff it briefly. Then Ember turns her back and prepares for the cloth. Tiffany clasps it over Ember’s face and Ember tenses up, almost fighting for a moment. Then, she gives in to the fumes. Her eyes flutter like crazy and she goes limp. Tiffany waists no time. She partially strips her friend and fondles her hot body. She plays with Ember’s feet then she rubs her crotch and tits. Ember, semi-conscious, moans with pleasure at Tiffany’s touch. She cums and goes limp. Ember starts to wake up but Tiffany places the cloth over her face until she passes out again. Later, when Ember wakes up, she tells her friend how much she enjoyed being helpless. Now it’s Tiffany’s turn. She wants it standing. Ember pretends to sneak up behind her and clasps the cloth over her face. Tiffany struggles a bit but then gives in to the pleasure of the fumes. Her eyes roll back and the girls fall to the couch where Tiffany goes limp. Ember enjoys her friend’s luscious body, fondling and caressing her. She plays with Tiffany’s feet then uses her own feet to play with Tiffany’s tits. When Tiffany wakes up, Ember quickly puts her to sleep again. Later, Tiffany awakens and the girls decide they want to experience the chloroform together. They soak the cloths, place them inside dust masks and stand up. When they put on the masks, it quickly takes effect. The girls hold onto each other as they sway and they look at each other as their eyes roll and flutter. They fall to the sofa unconscious. A couple of minutes of fun outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0676

26 minutes. MP4 1920×1080.

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