Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Chloroform – Charlotte, Celeste



Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Chloroform starring Charlotte Stokely and Celeste Star
Two stunning models give fine performances in this fun, erotic scene. Looking hot as hell in mini-dresses, the girls come home from a club. They’re very cute as they discuss how much fun they had. Charlotte gets a devilish look on her face and tells Celeste that she has discovered a new drug – chloroform – and asks if she wants to try it. Celeste is scared. She says she’s not interested and goes to the bathroom. Wicked Charlotte takes off her panties and soaks them in chloroform. When Celeste returns, Charlotte pounces on her, pressing the panties against her face. Celeste struggles hard but soon her eyes roll and she passes out. Charlotte wastes no time. She plays with her friend’s hot body, kissing her on the mouth and groping her tits. She runs her bare feet all over Celeste, even sticking her toes into her friend’s panties. When Celeste awakens, she is angry. She wants to knock Charlotte out…and Charlotte is all too willing. Celeste sits behind Charlotte and clasps the panties over her face. Charlotte immediately changes her mind and tries to fight but Celeste is stronger and she chloroforms her into unconsciousness. When Charlotte is out, a bit of drool comes out of her mouth and down her chin. It’s hot. She makes out with Charlotte, kissing her and fondling her body. She pulls off Charlotte’s dress, then her own. Celeste presses the panties against her own face and passes out, falling over Charlotte’s limp body. About a minute of outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0561
27 minutes. The photo set has 104 photos. 1280×640

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