Four Girls Down – Celeste, Karlie, Charlotte, Sinn


Four Girls Down starring Celeste Star, Charlotte Stockily, Sinn Sage and Karlie Montana
In a clip that’s reminiscent of our early days, 4 gorgeous girls are captured by evil criminals! Karlie and Drake discuss the plan – They have a wealthy buyer, who wants to buy 3 female slaves. Karlie has placed an add for a job training program and tells Drake to capture the girls one at a time. Luscious Charlotte shows up first. While she talks to Karlie, Drake sneaks up and soaks a cloth. He clasps it over Charlotte’s face. But Celeste shows up! So Drake pushes Charlotte over to Karlie. Charlotte, disoriented and with her eyes fluttering, is held by Karlie while Drake sneaks up on Celeste and subdues her. He then finishes subduing Charlotte. The two pervy slavers strip the girls naked and can’t help playing with them a bit too. Both girls awaken briefly and are subdued again. Drake carries Charlotte away over his shoulder and then carries Celeste in his arms. The girls lifeless bodies are left lying on a bed. When Sinn Shows up, she gets suspicious. Karlie grabs her arms and holds her while Drake uses the cloth. Sinn is stripped, groped and carried away by both villains. The 3 naked girls are lying on the bed when the buyer arrives. Karlie is surprised when he says he wants 4 girls. But she’s even more surprised when Drake clasps the cloth over her face! Scene #KOB0598

The scene is 20 minutes, the outtakes are 7 minutes. 1280×720

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