Forced to Fondle Her Friend – Celeste Star and Danielle Trixie



Forced to Fondle Her Friend starring Celeste Star and Danielle Trixie
Celeste and Danielle look incredible in tight jeans, tops and boots and give excellent eye-rolling performances in this hot chloroform scene. Creepy villain Tim shows up at the girls house and soaks a cloth in chloroform. When Danielle comes home and sits down, he sneaks up and chloroforms her. Danielle fights and even pulls away from him and runs. But, he quickly catches her and knocks her out cold. He picks her up in his arms and holds her for a while before putting her on the couch. Celeste comes home and, thinking her friend is asleep, goes into the bathroom. Tim sneaks up on her and clasps the cloth over her face. After some great struggling, her eyes roll back and she passes out in his arms. He drags her into the living room and picks her up in his arms then places her on the couch next to her friend. He puts the girls in suggestive poses. Danielle wakes up and is terrified to see Tim. He orders her to strip her friend. She refuses but, when he threatens her, she reluctantly agrees. When Celeste has been partially undressed, she starts to wake up. Tim orders Danielle to chloroform her friend. She has no choice but to comply and knocks her Celeste out. Once Celeste is naked, Tim orders Danielle to knock herself out. She holds the cloth over her face and breathes in the fumes. When she starts to pull the cloth away, Tim forces it back until Daniele is unconscious. Then, Celeste wakes up and is forced to undress Danielle. Both girls are now naked and, when Danielle wakes up, both girls cower in fear. Celeste is forced to chloroform Danielle. But, when Tim orders her to chloroform herself, she runs. Tim grabs her and chloroforms her. Then he picks her up in his arms and carries her off. 27 minutes. The photo set contains 117 photos. MP4 1280×640

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