Foot Worship Teacher – Samantha Ryan and Karlie Montana


Foot Worship Teacher starring Samantha Ryan and Karlie Montana
Karlie and Samantha are teachers at a college. In Clip 1, Karlie complains of tired feet and asks for one of Sam’s famous foot rubs. She knows that, in the past, when Sam gave her foot rubs, Sam would go into a deep trance. Sam obliges. Sam becomes enamored with Karlie’s feet as she massages them. Karlie tells Sam to worship her feet and Sam says she would love to. Sam licks Karlie’s luscious nylon soles and sucks on her toes passionately. As the worship continues, Karlie feels herself going into a trance. In Clip 2, Sam gets Karlie onto her lap and kisses her passionately. She orders Karlie to worship her feet and Karlie obeys. They kiss some more and Samantha makes Karlie say that she is Samantha’s foot slave forever. Scene #FTSF0132

Clip 1 is 15 minutes, Clip 2 is 15 minutes. 1280×720.

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