Foot Friends in Nylons – Celeste Star and Samantha Ryan


Foot Friends in Nylons starring Celeste Star and Samantha Ryan
In Clip 1, Samantha is a professor and comes onto her favorite student, Celeste. Celeste is reluctant, but ends up making out with her hot teacher! They both look amazing in skirts and sheer tan pantyhose. Samantha take off Celeste’s high heels and can’t resist her perfect nylon feet. She kisses, licks, and worships Celeste’s feet and Celeste enjoys every second. In Clip 2, The girls make out and then it’s Celeste’s turn to worship Samantha’s nylon feet. She licks and bites her soles and sucks on her toes. Then they make out again. In Clip 3, Professor Samantha is upset with her student Celeste because the last time they were alone together Celeste mesmerized her! Samantha worshiped Celeste’s feet and is afraid it will happen again. Celeste offers to mesmerize Samantha, but this time it will be to make Samantha forget about what happened the last time. Samantha reluctantly agrees. Celeste makes Samantha feel extremely relaxed. The girls make out for a long time, and afterwards Samantha agrees that it feels wonderful when Celeste worships her feet. Celeste removes Samantha’s high heels and massages her perfect nylon feet. Then she starts kissing and licking her soles and toes. In Clip 4, Celeste continues to worship Samantha’s nylon feet. She sensuously kisses, sucks, and licks her perfect feet all over and even bites her heels. Then Samantha agrees to worship Celeste’s nylon feet. She removes Celeste’s high heels and does an amazing job sucking and licking Celeste’s heels and toes. The girls kiss afterward, then Celeste says she will take Samantha out of her entranced state and make her forget about what happened, but Celeste also makes her agree that she will love feet and worshipping feet from now on. Enjoy some fun outtakes at the end! In Clip 5, Professor Samantha Ryan talks to her struggling student Celeste about an upcoming exam. Samantha starts to get a migraine and Celeste says she has been studying reflexology and offers to massage pressure points on Samantha’s feet that could alleviate her migraine. Celeste takes off her sexy professor’s high heels and begins massaging her sexy feet. The long sensuous foot massage makes Samantha become so relaxed that her eyes glaze over. Then she agrees to worship Celeste’s feet. Samantha kisses and licks Celeste’s pantyhose feet and Celeste enjoys every second. In Clip 6, Samantha continues worshipping Celeste’s sexy feet. Then they have a passionate make out session. Celeste tells the mesmerized Samantha that she will not remember any of this later. Celeste goes back to massaging Samantha’s feet. Samantha snaps out of her trance and is glad that her student made her headache go away. There are 5 minutes of outtakes at the end of Clip 6, including lots of great stocking foot and high heel foot shots! Scene #FTSF0119

1280×720. Clip 1 is 21 minutes, Clip 2 is 19 minutes, Clip 3 is 22 minutes, Clip 4 is 23 minutes, Clip 5 is 20 minutes, Clip 6 is 18 minutes.

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