Foot Fetish Roommates – Franchezca Valentina and Samantha Ryan

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Foot Fetish Roommates starring Franchezca Valentina and Samantha Ryan
In Clip 1, Sultry brunette Franchezca and supercute blonde Samantha are roommates who share a raging foot fetish. The girls are lounging barefoot on the couch in really small shorts and tiny tops. It is not long before their casual conversation turns into seductive footplay. The girls start massaging each others feet at the same time. Samantha cant resist the temptation to lick Franchezca’s soft soles and suck her sweet toes. She uses her long, pink toes to rub Franchezca succulent tits and warm, wet pussy. The girls are really hot from all the foot stimulation. Samantha pulls Franchezca’s panties off and licks her hot, shaved pussy. She uses her long tongue on Franchezca’s clit while she sticks a finger inside her tight pussy and fucks her with it. Franchezca squeezes her own nipples and rocks her body in orgasmic delight when Samantha’s hot mouth makes her cum. In Clip 2, Franchezca pulls off Samantha’s sexy pink panties and presses her voluptuous tits against Samantha’s soft soles. When Samantha’s so turned on she is practically begging for it, Franchezca starts licking her sweet, pink pussy. Franchezca has a long and wicked tongue, and it has Samantha moaning in constant pleasure the whole time Franchezca’s eating her out. Franchezca fucks Samantha with her fingers and then uses her tongue again until Samantha cums like crazy. Franchezca reclines in a big, soft chair while Samantha sucks on her toes and rubs her clit with her fingers. Samantha whips out a big purple dildo and uses it to fuck Franchezca’s tight, wet pussy. She takes turns using her hot tongue and the vibrator on Franchezca’s clit until Franchezca cums. Then the two girls lick the pussy juice off the dildo. Samantha is in a very interesting position, with her head on the ground and her pussy and feet up on the chair where Franchezca can easily lick them. Franchezca starts sucking on Samanthas toes while Samantha rubs her own clit. Then Franchezca pulls out an exotic glass dildo and sticks it in Samantha’s wet pussy while she continues sucking Samantha’s little toes. All this overwhelming stimulation makes Samantha cum so hard she has to clench the chair in her flailing hands. Scene #GG0009  MP4 640×480

Clip 1 is 22 minutes, Clip 2 is 25 minutes.  The photo set has 111 photos.

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