Foot Fetish Fuckfest – Charlie Laine and Daisy Marie

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Foot Fetish Fuckfest starring Charlie Laine and Daisy Marie
Daisy and Charlie, dressed in very tiny shorts and tight t-shirts, are two horny hotties with an insatiable foot fetish. In Clip 1, the girls are sitting on the couch barefoot comparing their extremely sexy feet. As they admire each others delicious toes, they rub their feet together and press them sole to sole. Before long, Daisy starts to lick and caress Charlies cute little feet. Then Charlie takes Daisy’s slender, petite foot in her hands to rub and lick it, too. The scantily dressed hotties start to get really turned on, so they lay back on the couch to lick and suck each others feet at the same time. There are tantalizing close-ups of Charlie sliding her tongue in between Daisy’s long, luscious toes. The girls are so horny from the toe sucking that they start making out. Charlie sits on Daisy’s lap and the two lusty vixens kiss and strip each other down to their tiny shorts. Daisy squeezes Charlies gorgeous tits and licks her sweet nipples. The hotties lay back on the couch to rub each others tits with their feet, and Charlie pinches Daisy’s nipples with her toes. The girls just cant get enough tasty toe sucking, so they lick and kiss each other from lips to nipples to feet! Charlie kneels over Daisy, sucking her sensitive nipples while Daisy rubs Charlies pussy with her foot. The girls are too horny to stop, so Charlie takes off her shorts and Daisy licks her sweet, pink, shaved pussy. Daisy does things to Charlie’s clit that we have never seen before! She keeps Charlie on the edge for several minutes before bringing her to a screaming orgasmic climax. In Clip 2, Charlie strips Daisy naked to rub and lick her shaved, wet pussy. While she is going down on Daisy, Charlie has her ass up in the air, so you get great shots of both delicious pussies. After Daisy cums, the girls rub each others clits with their toes. Charlie whips out a vibrator and rubs it all over Daisy’s luscious pussy. She fucks Daisy with it and sucks her toes at the same time. Charlie starts fucking Daisy harder with the vibrator while Daisy rubs her own clit until she cums. Then Daisy’s wearing a big, hard strap-on. Charlie rubs it between her soles like she is giving Daisy a foot-job, and then Daisy slides the huge dildo insides Charlie’s tight little pussy. She fucks Charlie fast and hard, pulling her hair and spanking her ass, until Charlie has another screaming orgasm. Then Charlie licks her sweet pussy juice off the dildo and kisses Daisy. This whole scene is outrageously hot! Scene #GG0008
MP4 640×480
Clip 1 is 23 minutes, Clip 2 is 21 minutes.  The photo set has 225 photos.

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