Finding His Victim – Mary Jane Green and Darby


Finding His Victim starring Mary Jane Green and Darby
Looking hot in skimpy bikinis, Mary Jane and Darby want nothing more than to enjoy a day in the sun. But kidnapper Steve has drugged Mary Jane’s suntan lotion. She applies the lotion and starts to pass out from the fumes. When Darby goes inside to get help, the villainous Steve is waiting with chloroform. Darby fights and tries to warn her friend but soon her eyes roll back and she passes out in Steve’s arms. Mary Jane gets up and tries to help Darby but as she staggers into the house, she is hit on the head and crashes to the floor. Steve carries both girls to the couch. He has been sent to kidnap a girl but he does not know which one. His intended victim is supposed to have an unusual tattoo so he strips Mary Jane and examines her body. When she wakes up, he forces her to strip Darby and examine her. Just for fun, he forces her to fondle her friend as well. Mary Jane reluctantly gropes Darby’s body, tits and ass. Steve decides to kidnap both girls. When Darby awakens he knocks her out with a blow to the head. The fleeing Mary Jane is also struck and knocked out. Both girls are then carried away. Scene #KOB0341

15 minutes.  MP4 640×480

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